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Did i do the right thing 
16th-Sep-2012 10:26 am

Dead Fish
        okay so i did something dumb ..... i have a best friend chris.he just came out of a serious relationship.he really loved this girl.but she broke up with him and he was heart broken. i was there for him all through it , i mean thats what best friends do. i love hi so much ,im not in love with him i just love him . but anyways like 4 weeks after the break up he asked me to kiss him out of no where, i agreed to it. then he started talking about us being togethor ect. and loving me and stuff. i dont know what i was thinking i didnt really like him the way that he supposedly liked me. i didnt want to lead any one on exspecialy not my best friend .so i told him that i dont really want to be in a relationship right now , and that it wasnt the best thing for him to get into a relationship after he just got out of a serious one. he seemed to be fine with it but i dont know what hes really feeling.i think i did the right thing.................
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