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12th-Nov-2012 01:41 am

I feel like you treat me like a piece of crap . you tease me,  you make me laugh,  you put a smile on my face then you leave me hanging.  hanging with wondering thoughts, thoughts of us being together,  being happy ,kissing laughing holding hands cuddling making jokes warm hugs long walks. you make me feel like a piece of crap because I know that we will never be together.  every time were closer to the climax there's a new dilemma a new road block " I'm not ready. I'm to shy .. lets just be friends. "


I thought that maybe i didnt fit your standords or you didn't want me anymore but every time we "stoped talking " you always came back.  why!  why the heck would you come back. there are hundreds of girls that would love to have you so why come back and mess with my head. because at the end all your gana do is give me another excuse on how your not ready then drop me like a tamoly .


mabye I'm just a good game for you.  maybe I keep you interested till you you find something bigger and better to move on too. because that's what of seems like.  I feel like I'm your rebound chick and your before chick.  like recently when A called it off with you not to long after you were working your way back to manipulating my feelings. the only real reason you talk to me is when you can't find another girl


but I'm not gana lie I like your presence . no matter how fake it may be.  I love our late night calls and falling asleep on the phone.  I love how you tease me and how you make me laugh. I love how when I looked up I sometimes find you already looking <3 I love our evil glares and nonsense conversations . I just love the way you make me feel but its all fake? 


I wonder if you do those things with other girls.  if you make them cheese and make them think about you all the time . do you play the same game with other girls? for some odd reason I hope you don't.  I hope that I'm your only player when it comes to that method.  so I could atleast be special on your list of girls .

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